About Us


Back in 2002, SMU was fortunate to have the support of its founding members that count among them corporations, business leaders, professionals and scholars. This initial SMU team instituted the Executive MBA program which was overseen by Pr. Mahmoud Triki. Joining him was a team that included Dr. Taoufik Jelassi and Nabil Triki, then Strategy Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Paris.

As the program gained momentum, the team expanded to include Neila Gharsallah, Stanford Alumnae holding an MS in Management; IT engineers Haythem Abdelkafi and Nadhir Douma in addition to MBA holder from George Washington University, Hala Ammar.

SMU counts today a dedicated team of more than 60 staff members, over 30 full time faculty and around 1200 students on campus.